Meta unveils SeamlessM4T multimodal translation model

Meta researchers have unveiled SeamlessM4T, a pioneering multilingual and multitask model that facilitates seamless translation and transcription across both speech and text. 

The internet, mobile devices, social media, and communication platforms have ushered in an era where access to multilingual content has reached unprecedented levels. SeamlessM4T aims to realise the vision of seamless communication and comprehension across languages.

Boasting an impressive array of...

Meta’s NLLB-200 AI model improves translation quality by 44%

Meta has unveiled a new AI model called NLLB-200 that can translate 200 languages and improves quality by an average of 44 percent. 

Translation apps have been fairly adept at the most popular languages for some time. Even when they don’t offer a perfect translation, it’s normally close enough for the native speaker to understand.

However, there are hundreds of millions of people in regions with many languages – like Africa and Asia – that still suffer from...

Microsoft’s AI can translate Chinese on parity with a human

Microsoft believes its AI is able to translate Chinese as well as a human translator. The company says the development represents a “major milestone” and was achieved by regularly feeding the AI with news stories often used across the AI industry for testing purposes. Microsoft claims its AI translated the articles to the same level as two human bilingual translators. The researchers aimed to replicate the ‘trial and error’ approach to how humans learn. With this in mind, the AI...