Stanford’s institute ensuring AI ‘represents humanity’ lacks diversity

An institute established by Stanford University to address concerns that AI may not represent the whole of humanity is lacking in diversity.

The goal of the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence is admirable, but the fact it consists primarily of white males brings into doubt its ability to ensure adequate representation.

Cybersecurity expert Chad Loder noticed that not a single member of Stanford’s new AI faculty was black. Tech site Gizmodo reached out...

Stanford University students employ AI to make the dankest memes

stanford university ai dank learning memes

AI will be groundbreaking in areas like healthcare, but I don’t think many expected it to be creating the dankest new memes. Some pioneering students from Stanford University exposed a neural network to over 400,000 memes in a bid to teach it the nuances of modern humour. Armed with this information, the AI attempted the artistic endeavour of creating its very own. In the ‘Dank Learning’ paper, the students detail how they applied deep learning methods to create memes. Ideas are passed...