Sony patents an AI to assist in games like a good player two

Many of us are guilty of giving up on a game because of a long grind or seemingly insurmountable challenge, but Sony’s latest patent shows the company wants to change that.

Some masochists enjoy the pain of being repeatedly beaten in games like Dark Souls – it’s understandable, overcoming those challenges is a great feeling – but most of us have a breaking point where the power button gets hit and the game just ends up collecting dust on a shelf.

A patent spotted...

Sony has a new ‘AI robotics’ drone division called Airpeak

Sony’s latest division, Airpeak, is described as being “in the field of AI robotics” and will focus on next-generation drones.

Despite incidents of reckless flying, drones unlock huge opportunities. We regularly see beautiful photography and videography shot using drones—but, of course, they can do so much more.

Sony has built a stellar reputation in media capture. The company builds great cameras – both for itself and sensors it supplies to other manufacturers...

Sony is working on an AI-powered taxi system

Sony is leading an alliance of taxi companies to create an AI-powered hailing system. While Uber brought us on-demand taxi rides at the press of a button, Sony wants to use AI to further improve on the model. By studying conditions such as traffic, weather, and current events — taxis can be dispatched automatically where needed. One example, which many of us will have experienced, is the frustration of getting transport home after a concert. Sony’s algorithm would ensure a fleet of...