Tencent is bullish on British AI startup Prowler.io

Chinese technology giant Tencent has led a $100m (£78.4m) funding round for promising British AI startup Prowler.io.

Dr Ling Ge, Chief European Representative at Tencent, said:

“The UK is a global leader in AI and is increasingly becoming a focus for companies looking to invest in the sector. PROWLER.io’s data-efficient approach and focus on human-machine teaming really set it apart.

We are looking forward to PROWLER.io applying its AI decision platform to...

Prowler.io aspires to build AI which makes human-like decisions

Cambridge-based AI startup Prowler has raised £10 million to help it build an AI which can make human-like decisions. Based on the comments made by Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin in our article yesterday, you’d be forgiven if this raises some concerns. AI like Prowler, however, could be what saves us from destruction. If you missed it, Musk voiced his concern about Putin’s comment that the nation which leads in AI “will become the ruler of the world.” Some are concerned about an...