Gary Marcus criticises Elon Musk’s AGI prediction

Gary Marcus has criticised a prediction by Elon Musk that AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will be achieved by 2029 and challenged him to a $100,000 bet.

Marcus founded RobustAI and Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber), is the Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neural Science at NYU, and authored Rebooting.AI. His views on AGI are worth listening to.

AGI is the kind of artificial intelligence depicted in movies like Space Odyssey (‘HAL’) and Iron Man...

Musk predicts AI will be superior to humans within five years

Elon Musk has made another of his trademark predictions – this time, it’s that AI will be superior to humans within five years.

Musk has been among the most vocal prominent figures in warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence. In 2018, for example, Musk famously warned that AI could become “an immortal dictator from which we would never escape” and that the technology is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Speaking in a New York Times interview, Musk...

AI Expo: ‘The answer to AI in sport is prediction’

During a panel at the AI Tech Expo in London, we heard from several figures from professional football clubs who are using AI to get the edge over their competition both on and off the field. The panelists included Newcastle FC Sports Scientist John Fitzpatrick, Sport Lisboa e Benfica CIO Joao Copeto, and Sport Lisboa e Benfica Head of Analysis Nuno Maurício. Fitzpatrick has been with Newcastle United for around five years and has witnessed the increasing demand for IoT and AI technologies....