Joy Buolamwini: Fighting algorithmic bias needs to be ‘a priority’

Algorithmic Justice League founder Joy Buolamwini gave a speech during the World Economic Forum this week on the need to fight AI bias.

Buolamwini is also an MIT Media Lab researcher and went somewhat viral for her TED Talk in 2016 titled ‘How I’m fighting bias in algorithms’.

Her latest speech included a presentation in which Buolamwini went over an analysis of the current popular facial recognition algorithms.

Here were the overall accuracy results when...

MIT created a psychopathic AI based on Norman Bates

mit ai psychopath norman media lab bias

While many researchers are calling for regulations to ensure safe and ethical AI development, MIT has created one with a psychopathic personality. The scientists, from MIT’s unconventional Media Lab, based their AI’s personality on serial killer Norman Bates from Hitchcock thriller Psycho. AI Norman is designed to caption images. Whereas most neural networks are trained on a range of images to reduce bias, poor Norman was exposed 'to the darkest corners of Reddit.' Anyone who has found...