ML algorithm predicts heart attacks with 90% accuracy

A machine learning algorithm claims to predict heart attacks and death from heart disease with a degree of accuracy beating human practitioners.

The algorithm claims to have a 90 percent accuracy. LogitBoost was trained on data from 950 chest pain patients –  from the data, 85 variables are calculated.

Each of the patients have known outcomes after six years. Combined, this algorithm was able to identify patterns which indicates a higher chance of a heart attack...

Cardiac arrest-detecting AI will expand to further European cities

corti heart attack ai cardiac arrest health

A startup which is able to detect cardiac arrests using artificial intelligence has announced it will be expanding its service to further European cities later this year. Corti has partnered with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) to expand its service to four additional cities. The startup, based in Copenhagen, will select which cities it will expand its pilot to next in June. The pilot in Copenhagen has been a resounding success measured by the analysis released today. Based...