SoftBank acquires British AI chipmaker Graphcore

SoftBank has announced its acquisition of Graphcore, a leading British AI chipmaker. The deal will see Graphcore becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank.

This acquisition, reportedly valued at about $600 million, is not SoftBank's first foray into the UK tech scene.

In 2016, SoftBank controversially acquired British chip designer Arm in a much larger deal. However, the Graphcore purchase comes at a lower valuation than the total funding the company is said to have...

Gcore partners with UbiOps and Graphcore to empower AI teams

Gcore has joined forces with UbiOps and Graphcore to introduce a groundbreaking service catering to the escalating demands of modern AI tasks.

This strategic partnership aims to empower AI teams with powerful computing resources on-demand, enhancing their capabilities and streamlining their operations.

The collaboration combines the strengths of three industry leaders: Graphcore, renowned for its Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) hardware; UbiOps, a powerful machine...

Graphcore’s C600 adds FP8 for low and mixed-precision AI

British semiconductor firm Graphcore has launched the C600, a PCIe card that adds support for the 8-bit floating point (FP8) specification.

FP8 aims to provide a common format that accelerates AI development by optimising memory usage and works for both AI training and inference.

In addition to Graphcore, FP8 is supported by industry giants including NVIDIA, ARM, Intel, and Qualcomm. 

The C600 is based on Graphcore’s MK2 IPU and developers up to 560 TFLOPS...

LabGenius uses Graphcore’s IPUs to speed up drug discovery

AI-driven scientific research firm LabGenius is harnessing the power of Graphcore’s IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units) to speed up its drug discovery efforts.

LabGenius is currently focused on discovering new treatments for cancer and inflammatory diseases. The firm combines AI, lab automation, and synthetic biology for its potentially life-saving work.

Until now, the company has been using traditional GPUs for its workloads. LabGenius reports that switching to...

Graphcore unveils the first WoW processor alongside ‘ultra-intelligence AI supercomputer’ plans

British semiconductor firm Graphcore has unveiled the first Wafer-on-Wafer (WoW) processor alongside setting out its roadmap for an “ultra-intelligence AI supercomputer”.

The chip unveiled today, the Bow IPU, is the world’s first processor to be based on TSMC’s Wafer-on-Wafer (WoW) technology.

“TSMC has worked closely with Graphcore as a leading customer for our breakthrough SoIC-WoW solution as their pioneering designs in cutting-edge parallel processing...

British AI chipmaker Graphcore claims Nvidia’s crown with GC200 processor

Graphcore, a British AI chipmaker, has unveiled a powerful new processor which takes Nvidia’s crown.

Bristol-based Graphcore ranked number one on Fast Company’s top 10 most innovative AI companies of 2020 list. Nvidia, for comparison, ranked fifth.

Fast Company’s confidence in Graphcore clearly isn’t misplaced. Announcing its GC200 processor, Graphcore says its new chip is the world’s most complex.

The GC200 processor boasts 59.4 billion transistors...

UK AI chipmaker Graphcore raises millions from Silicon Valley investor

graphcore ai

Graphcore, an ambitious UK startup building dedicated AI chips, has raised millions in a new round of funding from one of Silicon Valley’s top investors. Sequoia Capital has previously invested in companies such as Apple, Google, and WhatsApp. The investor has now led a $50m (£38.2m) funding round in Graphcore — which has its headquarters in Bristol, UK. Dedicated AI chips are set to boom in the coming years with implementation in smartphones, connected vehicles, IoT devices, and...