Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

While some may think Snapchat is fading, the app continues to attract a considerable number of active users.

Acknowledging past shortcomings in machine learning utilisation, Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel announced a new, assertive strategy to integrate AI and machine learning technologies into its services, marking a substantial departure from its long-term focus on revising its advertising approach.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Spiegel emphasised the need to improve their...

NVIDIA presents latest advancements in visual AI

NVIDIA researchers are presenting new visual generative AI models and techniques at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference this week in Seattle. The advancements span areas like custom image generation, 3D scene editing, visual language understanding, and autonomous vehicle perception.

“Artificial intelligence, and generative AI in particular, represents a pivotal technological advancement,” said Jan Kautz, VP of learning and perception research at...

EU AI legislation sparks controversy over data transparency

EU AI legislation sparks controversy over data transparency

The European Union recently introduced the AI Act, a new governance framework compelling organisations to enhance transparency regarding their AI systems' training data.

Should this legislation come into force, it could penetrate the defences that many in Silicon Valley have built against such detailed scrutiny of AI development and deployment processes.

Since the public release of OpenAI's ChatGPT, backed by Microsoft 18 months ago, there has been significant growth in...

Amazon will use computer vision to spot defects before dispatch

Amazon will harness computer vision and AI to ensure customers receive products in pristine condition and further its sustainability efforts. The initiative – dubbed "Project P.I." (short for "private investigator") – operates within Amazon fulfilment centres across North America, where it will scan millions of products daily for defects.

Project P.I. leverages generative AI and computer vision technologies to detect issues such as damaged products or incorrect colours and...

OpenAI disrupts five covert influence operations

In the last three months, OpenAI has disrupted five covert influence operations (IO) that attempted to exploit the company's models for deceptive activities online. As of May 2024, these campaigns have not shown a substantial increase in audience engagement or reach due to OpenAI's services.

OpenAI claims its commitment to designing AI models with safety in mind has often thwarted the threat actors' attempts to generate desired content. Additionally, the company says AI tools have...

OpenAI secures key partnership with Reddit

OpenAI secures key partnership with Reddit

OpenAI has secured a deal to access real-time content from Reddit through the platform's data API. 

This allows OpenAI to incorporate conversations from Reddit into ChatGPT and other new products, echoing a previous agreement that the platform had with Google, reportedly valued at $60 million.

The partnership enables OpenAI to better sample the datasets on which their models are trained, allowing AI systems to become more precise and context-aware. For human...

Microsoft unveils new Copilot+ PCs featuring advanced AI capabilities

Microsoft unveils new Copilot+ PCs featuring advanced AI capabilities

Microsoft has launched a new type of personal computer designed with AI capabilities, underscoring the company's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology across its product lineup. 

This new category not only boosts Microsoft's ventures but also positions it to compete directly with AI-led advancements from tech giants such as Alphabet and Apple. During an event at Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington, CEO Satya Nadella unveiled the Copilot+ PCs....

Ethical, trust and skill barriers hold back generative AI progress in EMEA

Ethical, trust, and skill barriers hold back generative AI progress in EMEA.

76% of consumers in EMEA think AI will significantly impact the next five years, yet 47% question the value that AI will bring and 41% are worried about its applications.

This is according to research from enterprise analytics AI firm Alteryx.

Since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, there has been significant buzz about the transformative potential of generative AI, with many considering it one of the most revolutionary technologies of our...

IBM and Tech Mahindra unveil new era of trustworthy AI with watsonx

IBM and Tech Mahindra unveil new era of trustworthy AI with watsonx

Tech Mahindra, a global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions, has collaborated with IBM to help organisations sustainably accelerate generative AI use worldwide.

This collaboration combines Tech Mahindra's range of AI offerings, TechM amplifAI0->∞, and IBM's watsonx AI and data platform with AI Assistants.

Customers can now combine IBM watsonx's capabilities with Tech Mahindra's AI consulting and engineering skills to access a...

UAE unveils new AI model to rival big tech giants

The UAE is making big waves by launching a new open-source generative AI model. This step, taken by a government-backed research institute, is turning heads and marking the UAE as a formidable player in the global AI race.

In Abu Dhabi, the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) unveiled the Falcon 2 series. As reported by Reuters, this series includes Falcon 2 11B, a text-based model, and Falcon 2 11B VLM, a vision-to-language model capable of generating text...