The market size in the AI market is projected to reach $184bn in 2024

We can often get very excited about breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and how there will be seismic changes in the way in which it shapes the future. However, as those interested in AI know, the technology is very much already embedded in so many of our day-to-day transactions that it is already transforming the ways in which we work, rest and play.

For decades, the media has jumped on the big tech stories, including human-like robots that will do all the basic household...

Microsoft poaches former Siri chief from Apple for its AI division

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Microsoft has poached former Siri chief Bill Stasior from Apple to join the company’s artificial intelligence division.

Although Apple was his most recent employer, Stasior actually left the company in May. Stasior will now join Microsoft later this month as corporate vice president and will report to CTO Kevin Scott.

Stasior worked at Apple for almost a decade. Having also held the positions of director of search and navigation at Amazon, director of advanced...

UN: AI voice assistants fuel stereotype women are ‘subservient’

A report from the UN claims AI voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are fueling the stereotype women are ‘subservient’.

Published by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the 146-page report titled “I’d blush if I could” highlights the market is dominated by female voice assistants.

According to the researchers, the almost exclusive use of female voice assistants fuels stereotypes that women are "obliging, docile and...

Opinion: Microsoft now considers AI a top priority – and it’s about time

Microsoft should be a pioneer alongside Google when it comes to artificial intelligence, but the company only now appears to consider it a priority. In the company's annual report for the 2017 fiscal year, AI is now mentioned on six occasions. Compared to not a single mention in the previous report, it’s clear Microsoft is now putting more of its focus on artificial intelligence. Microsoft also indicates this in their corporate vision statement: "Our strategic vision is to compete and...