Baidu deploys its ERNIE Bot generative AI to the public

Chinese tech giant Baidu has announced that its generative AI product ERNIE Bot is now open to the public through various app stores and its website.

ERNIE Bot can generate text, images, and videos based on natural language inputs. It is powered by ERNIE (Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration), a powerful deep learning model.

The first version of ERNIE was introduced and open-sourced in 2019 by researchers at Tsinghua University to demonstrate the natural...

Baidu to launch powerful ChatGPT rival

Chinese web giant Baidu is preparing to launch a powerful ChatGPT rival in March.

Baidu is often called the “Google of China” because it offers similar services, including search, maps, email, ads, cloud storage, and more. Baidu, like Google, also invests heavily in AI and machine learning.

Earlier this month, AI News reported that Google was changing its AI review processes to speed up the release of new solutions. One of the first products to be released under...

Baidu debuts Brain 7.0 alongside mass production of Kunlun II chip

Baidu has debuted version 7.0 of its open AI platform Brain alongside reporting that mass production has begun of its second-gen Kunlun chip.

The tech giant is often considered as “China’s Google” and, just like its Western counterpart, is one of the largest AI companies in the world.

"AI technology is growing increasingly complex, and integrated innovation has made AI more powerful," said Haifeng Wang, CTO of Baidu.

“As AI technology plays an expanding...

Baidu ends participation in AI alliance as US-China relations deteriorate

Baidu will no longer participate in the Partnership on AI (PAI) alliance amid deteriorating relations between the US and China.

PAI is a US-led alliance which aims to foster the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies. Baidu was the only Chinese member.

The loss of Baidu's expertise and any representation from China is devastating for PAI. Ethical AI development requires global cooperation to set acceptable standards which help to ensure safety while not...

WIC: Baidu CEO remains bullish of company’s AI investments

robin li baidu ceo ai artificial intelligence investments driverless cars robotaxis connected

Baidu CEO Robin Li says he remains bullish on his company’s AI investments despite recent troubles.

This year, Baidu’s stock price has dropped 36 percent. Li used the Game of Thrones phrase that “winter is coming” following a first-quarter loss.

Baidu has since not only been asking employees to fly economy rather than business, and not to stay in five-star hotels, but even to reduce the number of paper towels and cups they’re using in the office.


Baidu and Geely announce collaboration in AI technologies

Baidu has announced plans to strategically collaborate with Geely on the application of AI technologies to various fields.

Announced during this year’s Baidu Create conference, the companies say they will focus on areas such as the smart home, intelligent connectivity, smart mobility, and e-commerce.

Geely is a privately held global automotive group headquartered in the city of Hangzhou and is most well-known for owning the Volvo and Lotus car brands.


Smells Like AI Spirit: Baidu will help develop Intel’s Nervana neural processor

Intel announced during Baidu’s Create conference this week that Baidu will help to develop the former’s Nervana Neural Network Processor.

Speaking on stage at the conference in Beijing, Intel corporate vice president Naveen Rao made the announcement.

“The next few years will see an explosion in the complexity of AI models and the need for massive deep learning compute at scale. Intel and Baidu are focusing their decade-long collaboration on building radical new...

Baidu is the first Chinese firm to join US-led AI supergroup

Chinese search giant Baidu has become the first company from China to join a US-led AI supergroup focused on advancing industry ethics. The group is called PAI (Partnership on AI) and has been formed amid fears about the potential impacts of artificial intelligence. Such concerns include the potential effect on jobs, discrimination, and the potential loss of life when AI us used in a military capacity. PAI consists of more than 70 academic institutes along with civil groups and technology...

Huawei and Baidu form alliance to lead in AI-powered smartphones

Huawei and Baidu have formed an alliance with the intention of sharing their expertise to lead the new generation of AI-powered smartphones. Many flagship smartphones are launching with dedicated AI chips — including, of course, Huawei’s very own Mate 10. Over the course of the next year, we expect these chips to be available in most high-end devices. Research firm Counterpoint Technology forecasts that more than half a billion smartphones that will be shipped around the world in 2020...

Google’s AI has a higher IQ than Siri, Bing, and Baidu — but all were beaten by a six-year-old

A trio of researchers developed an IQ test designed to determine how smart today’s AIs from three global leaders really are. Feng Liu, Yong Shi, and Ying Liu put their test to AIs from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The AIs scored as follows: Google: 47.28 Baidu: 32.92 Bing: 31.92 Siri: 23.9 Google leads the pack comfortably according to the results. Baidu and Bing are a comfortable distance behind. Siri’s result is the most notable as it trails its competitors...