ArtStation backlash increases following AI art protest response

Art showcase platform ArtStation has provoked further backlash following its response to a protest over AI-generated images.

Recent advancements in AI-powered image generators like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney have raised many societal, legal, and ethical questions.

The ability to rapidly create art with just a text prompt is a clear threat to artists that rely on commissions to make a living. In a double blow, art created by human creators is often used –...

Google’s AI ethics panel is already receiving backlash

Google is already facing criticism of its AI ethics panel over featuring a conservative figure with some controversial views.

Kay James is the president of conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation. The foundation has a history of opposing LGBTQ and immigrant rights which many Googlers feel should not be promoted.

A group of Google employees which calls itself ‘Googlers Against Transphobia’ wrote a post criticising Mountain View’s appointment of the Heritage...