Adobe may train its algorithms with your work unless you opt-out

Unless you specifically opt-out, Adobe may assume that it’s ok to use your work to train its algorithms.

An eagle-eyed developer at the Krita Foundation noticed that Adobe had automatically opted them into a “content analysis” initiative. The program allows Adobe to “analyze your content using techniques such as machine learning (e.g. for pattern recognition) to develop and improve our products and services.”

The rule was implemented in August 2022 but managed...

Adobe to begin selling AI-generated stock images

Adobe has announced that it will sell images generated by AI-powered tools like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney.

Rapid advancements in generative AI systems have increased their popularity over recent months. Users can generate detailed images using just a text prompt:

In October, Shutterstock announced that it was expanding its partnership with DALL-E creator OpenAI. As part of the expanded...

Adobe has trained an AI to detect photoshopped images

Adobe has trained an AI to detect when images have been photoshopped which could help in the fight against deepfakes.

The software giant partnered with researchers from the University of California on the AI. A convolutional neural network (CNN) was trained to spot changes made to images using Photoshop’s Face-Aware Liquify feature.

Face-Aware Liquify is a feature designed to adjust and exaggerate facial features. Photoshop automatically detects facial features to...