You Can’t do AI with Failed Data Pipelines

In the age of digital transformation, data is the most important asset in driving business and delivering value to customers and stakeholders. The acceleration of artificial intelligence initiatives, at minimum, requires all components of traditional data pipelines. These pipelines are essential in delivering the advancements we’ve come to associate with AI. 

Modern organizations are finding that they can rapidly harness the potential of AI and natural language processing...

State of Apache Airflow Report: The Latest Trends Around Data Pipeline Development and Orchestration

Discover the forefront of data orchestration and workflow management with the inaugural State of Apache Airflow Report. Gain access to the latest trends and insights shaping the world of Apache Airflow—the go-to platform for data pipeline development and orchestration:

In-depth analysis of Airflow’s pivotal role in modern data operations  Key trends driving Airflow adoption across industries  Insights into how businesses are leveraging Airflow for mission-critical data...

What’s keeping these CISOs awake at night? A Fireside Chat

In this fireside chat, CyberMaxx CISO Aaron Shaha, and Triden Group CISO John Caruthers sat down with CyberMaxx’s Director of Engineering Jarod Thompson, to explore the evolution of the adversary landscape and how cybersecurity teams need to prepare themselves today.

They discussed what they are seeing and what’s keeping them up at night, the current threat landscape, and how things are evolving in 2024 and beyond.  

Key takeaways:

How to...

eBook: Accelerate Your Software Release Cycle with AI Testing

Maximize the potential of DevOps and continuous testing using AI.

The pressure to deliver faster software releases is relentless in today's dynamic digital space. Yet, how can testing teams keep pace without compromising quality? The solution lies in harnessing the full potential of DevOps and continuous testing methodologies.

While valuable, traditional manual testing often fails to address the complexities of modern software development, adding to the complexity rather than...

Whitepaper: Lead Within Your Industry With Edge AI

Edge AI, the combination of Edge Computing and AI techniques has become instrumental for industries eager to capitalise on AI's potential.

Across diverse sectors, Edge AI deployments are burgeoning, offering solutions for a multitude of use cases. From intelligent forecasting in energy to monitoring production lines and implementing predictive maintenance in manufacturing, to enhancing inventory management and optimising store layouts in retail, the opportunities presented by Edge...

DataOps Can Build the Foundation For Your Generative AI Ambitions

This insightful webinar unveiled the findings of EXL’s recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, and examined the landscape of data operations across the US and UK. Forrester’s comprehensive research and custom surveys targeting 158 analytics leaders in line of business and data quality/governance roles revealed key insights that pave the way for data transformation.

Key takeaways:

DataOps and Generative AI: Discover how DataOps serves as the...

The Total Economic Impact™ of Keysight Eggplant Test Automation Software

Revolutionize Your Software Testing: 80% Bug Reduction, 162% ROI, and Soaring Productivity.

Your journey to software testing excellence begins today. Download The Total Economic Impact of Keysight Eggplant Test Automation Software, a comprehensive study by Forrester Consulting. With this report, you will gain valuable insights into the following:

Reducing bugs: Learn how customers cut post-production bugs by 80%. Driving quality: Uncover customer secrets that boost...

Transform Your QA Game with a 30-60-90-day Plan for Software Test Automation.

Navigating Software Testing with Keysight Test Automation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, delivering high-quality software is non-negotiable. Customers demand bug-free, user-friendly applications, making quality assurance (QA) more crucial than ever. 

Automation enables the QA team to keep up with the pace of development and demand. However, adding automation to existing QA workflows can be a daunting task — one that stops many QA leaders from even starting...

Email Security Risk Report

Organizations are vulnerable. They’re hit by successful phishing attacks, and they’re exposed to data loss caused by human error and data exfiltration from risky and malicious behavior.

93% of surveyed organizations experienced email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments last year. Consequently, concerns about email security are growing. Complete the form to the right to download your copy now for analysis of the risks organizations face and the effectiveness of...

Phishing Threat Trends Report

Cybercrime has never been more prominent and dangerous.

The evolution of sophisticated phishing emails continues to pose a major threat to organizations, emphasizing the need to enhance defenses to prevent attacks. For cybersecurity leaders committed to protecting their organizations, staying informed about the latest phishing threats is paramount.In this report, Egress’ VP of Threat Intelligence, Jack Chapman, examines the top threat trends in email security and...