What to look out for at AI & Big Data Expo EU and NA: JPMorgan, Danone, and more

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The road to maturity for any technology in the enterprise is long and arduous. Take data and analytics platforms as an example. Data from 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise series in March found a third of companies surveyed were still yet to fully embrace a data-driven approach to strategic decision making.

If that is the case, whither artificial intelligence? Writing for Enterprise Talk earlier this month, Swapnil Mishra notes of businesses still being in the ‘AI adolescence’ phase, citing research from Accenture which found 63% of 1,200 companies polled were still experimenting with projects.

“The level of an organisation’s mastery of AI-related capabilities in the proper mix to produce a high performance for customers, shareholders, and employees is referred to as AI maturity,” wrote Mishra. “The ability to master a set of critical competencies in the proper combinations – not just in data and AI but also in organisational strategy, talent, and culture – determines AI’s maturity.”

One of the key aspects in getting digital strategy right, across myriad technologies, is through ROI. For AI, this may be harder to achieve than others, as a recent CIO.com article outlines. “Measuring the success of AI can be subjective… evaluating an AI project is an art as much as developing the AI itself,” the report notes. Valuable KPIs for such projects could include a reduction of false alerts, or automatic removal of excessive privileges, for instance.

This nicely sums up the different plates senior executives need to juggle on a strategic, cultural, and technological perspective – and it is a long-term journey as well.

The AI & Big Data Expo Europe, being held in Amsterdam on September 20-21, and the AI & Big Data Expo North America, being held in Santa Clara on October 5-6, features innovative leading brands who are at the heart of this transformational process in its Enterprise AI conference streams.

In Santa Clara, Daniel Wu, head of AI and ML, commercial banking at JPMorgan, will give a presentation on building AI excellence. “With the right framework and clear focus on key aspects to drive success including organisation, data and analytics capability, technology, and value delivery, the power of AI can be fully unleashed and drive exponential impact across enterprises,” Wu notes. Elsewhere, Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, chief data scientist at Halliburton, will explore how to utilise cloud and AI in the energy sector.

At Amsterdam, Julio Peironcely, global director insights and analytics at Danone, will run through how to move a project from ‘experimentation’ to ‘live’ and turning AI to ROI, while Irakli Beridze, head of the centre for AI and robotics at UNICRI, United Nations, will explore the responsible use of AI in law enforcement.

An area where companies can gain inspiration is through tangible use cases of how AI and ML knits together different data sources to create actionable insights and personalised outcomes. A recent article from Business Chief explores this, with insight from Alec Boere, associate partner for AI and automation, Europe at Infosys Consulting. “With the enablement of a truly personalised experience, AI can deride the gaps that you might have in terms of data volume to drive out customer vectors,” noted Boere.

The Applied Data and Analytics track at AI & Big Data Expo Europe and AI & Big Data Expo North America will give access to organisations who are solving industry problems. At Santa Clara, Craig Materick, senior data strategist at Insight, will give a keynote presentation on driving value from data in a world of risk. Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, James Marshall-Roberts, global digital agronomy development lead at Sygenta, will look at the industry of agriculture, and how data and analytics have ‘proven to be the ultimate game changer’ through real-time crop insights.

AI & Big Data Expo Europe – 20-21 September at RAI, Amsterdam. Book your ticket here

AI & Big Data Expo North America – 5-6 October at Santa Clara Convention Center, California. Book your ticket here

Wherever you look in AI and machine learning, there are plenty of challenges, but there is also plenty to be excited about. The upcoming AI & Big Data Expo events will offer food for thought in terms of innovative ideas and next steps for your organisation. Find out about the event series here.

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