Industry experts call for tailored AI rules in post-election UK

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As the UK gears up for its general election, industry leaders are weighing in on the potential impact on technology and AI regulation.

With economic challenges at the forefront of political debates, experts argue that the next government must prioritise technological innovation and efficiency to drive growth and maintain the UK’s competitive edge.

Rupal Karia, Country Leader UK&I at Celonis, emphasises the need for immediate action to address inefficiencies in both private and public sectors.

“The next government needs to channel a more immediate focus on removing inefficiencies within UK businesses, which both the private and public sector are being weighed down by,” Karia states.

Karia advocates for the use of process intelligence to provide “data-based methods of generating positive impact at the top, the bottom, and the green line.”

While political parties focus on long-term strategies such as infrastructure investments and industrial policies, Karia suggests that leveraging technology for efficiency gains could yield more immediate results. 

“Delivering fast growth is tough, but in the meantime businesses can become leaner and more agile, gaining maximum value within their current processes,” Karia explains.

James Hall, VP & Country Manager, UK&I at Snowflake, predicts a significant focus on AI investment and regulation in the next government. He anticipates the appointment of chief AI officers across government departments to ensure AI aligns with manifesto priorities.

Furthermore, Hall also emphasises the importance of a robust data strategy, stating, “A foundational data strategy with governance at its core will help meet AI goals.”

Hall proposes several initiatives to boost AI innovation and data utilisation:

  • An AI fund to promote public-private partnerships
  • Use of synthetic data to commercialise assets globally while maintaining privacy
  • Industry-specific AI regulations, particularly for sectors like healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Stronger agreements on medical data usage in the pharmaceutical industry
  • A dedicated office to oversee data and AI initiatives, ensuring diverse voices are heard in policymaking

On the topic of AI regulation, Hall suggests a nuanced approach: “It would be beneficial to establish industry-specific rules, with particular attention paid to sectors like healthcare and pharmaceuticals and their unique needs.”

Both experts agree that embracing AI and data-driven technologies is crucial for the UK’s future economic success.

“These steps will be crucial for a new government to support data-driven industries and ensure they can capitalise on AI, thus positioning the UK as a global innovation powerhouse whilst ensuring sustainable growth and protecting national interests,” Hall concludes.

As the election approaches, it remains to be seen how political parties will address these technological challenges and opportunities in their manifestos. The outcome could significantly shape the UK’s approach to AI regulation and its position in the global tech landscape.

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