SoftBank acquires British AI chipmaker Graphcore

SoftBank has announced its acquisition of Graphcore, a leading British AI chipmaker. The deal will see Graphcore becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank.

This acquisition, reportedly valued at about $600 million, is not SoftBank's first foray into the UK tech scene.

In 2016, SoftBank controversially acquired British chip designer Arm in a much larger deal. However, the Graphcore purchase comes at a lower valuation than the total funding the company is said to have...

Samsung enhances AI features with latest foldables and wearables

Samsung's latest flagship smartphones and wearables have been made lighter and slimmer, while incorporating enhanced AI features to appeal to high-end consumers.

Samsung, which pioneered the foldable smartphone segment in 2019, faces increasing competition in this niche market. Data from Canalys shows that Samsung's share of foldable phone shipments dropped from 81% in 2022 to 63% in 2023, highlighting the importance of this latest launch.

Responding to market pressures,...

Tech executives confident in AI skills, but adoption barriers persist

While executives express high confidence in their organisations' AI capabilities, they simultaneously acknowledge significant barriers to further adoption.

Research from Zartis found that 85% of UK tech executives rate their existing workforce's combined AI knowledge and expertise as 'skilled', with over half (51%) considering it 'highly skilled'. This confidence, however, is juxtaposed against concerns about obstacles preventing wider AI implementation.

AI adoption is...

How AI is revolutionising game design and player experiences

Artifiсiаl intelligenсe is trаnsforming numerous inԁustries, аnԁ the gаming inԁustry is no exсeрtion. From ԁeveloрing soрhistiсаteԁ gаme meсhаniсs to enhаnсing рlаyer exрerienсes, AI's influenсe is inсreаsingly рervаsive. This аrtiсle exрlores how AI is revolutionising gаme ԁesign аnԁ рlаyer exрerienсes аt а rарiԁ расe.

The role of AI in gаme design Proсeԁurаl content generаtion

One of the most signifiсаnt imрасts...

PC market finds new momentum amid AI interest

The global PC market is showing solid signs of recovery, with Apple leading the charge among significant manufacturers. According to the latest data from International Data Corporation (IDC), the traditional PC market experienced a 3% year-over-year (YoY) growth in the second quarter of 2024, marking its second consecutive quarter of expansion after a prolonged decline.

The report reveals that worldwide PC shipments reached 64.9 million units in Q2 2024, with Apple as the top...

Microsoft and Apple back away from OpenAI board

Microsoft and Apple have decided against taking up board seats at OpenAI. The decision comes as regulatory bodies intensify their scrutiny of big tech's involvement in AI development and deployment.

According to a Bloomberg report on July 10, citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter, Microsoft has officially communicated its withdrawal from the OpenAI board. This move comes approximately a year after the Redmond-based company made a substantial $13 billion investment in...

SenseTime SenseNova 5.5: China’s first real-time multimodal AI model

SenseTime has unveiled SenseNova 5.5, an enhanced version of its LLM that includes SenseNova 5o—touted as China's first real-time multimodal model.

SenseNova 5o represents a leap forward in AI interaction, providing capabilities on par with GPT-4o's streaming interaction features. This advancement allows users to engage with the model in a manner akin to conversing with a real person, making it particularly suitable for real-time conversation and speech recognition...

AI revolution in US education: How Chinese apps are leading the way

The success of Chinese AI education applications like Question.AI and Gauth in the US market comes at a time of fierce competition within China, where over 200 large language models—critical for generative AI services like ChatGPT—have been developed. As of March, more than half of these received approval from Chinese authorities for public release.

Faced with a saturated domestic market, more Chinese app developers are now setting their sights on Western markets, including...

Language Processing Units (LPUs): Paving the way for advanced voice AI in contact centres

Have you heard about Language Processing Units (LPUs) yet? If you haven’t, prepare to be wowed! LPUs are specialised processors engineered specifically for language-related tasks. They differ from other processors that handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The LPU combines the best of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) - great at sequential tasks, and the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) - great at concurrent tasks.

Groq is the creator of the world's first LPU, and in terms of...

Nvidia: World’s most valuable company under French antitrust fire

Nvidia recently overtook Microsoft as the world's most valuable company and is now in the crosshairs of French antitrust regulators. The French authority is preparing to charge Nvidia with anti-competitive practices as part of the EU's commitment to maintaining checks and balances within the industry. 

This development underscores the EU's resolve to ensure fair competition and prevent market dominance from stifling innovation and consumer choice. Let's recall Nvidia's meteoric...