Tech executives confident in AI skills, but adoption barriers persist

While executives express high confidence in their organisations' AI capabilities, they simultaneously acknowledge significant barriers to further adoption.

Research from Zartis found that 85% of UK tech executives rate their existing workforce's combined AI knowledge and expertise as 'skilled', with over half (51%) considering it 'highly skilled'. This confidence, however, is juxtaposed against concerns about obstacles preventing wider AI implementation.

AI adoption is...

PC market finds new momentum amid AI interest

The global PC market is showing solid signs of recovery, with Apple leading the charge among significant manufacturers. According to the latest data from International Data Corporation (IDC), the traditional PC market experienced a 3% year-over-year (YoY) growth in the second quarter of 2024, marking its second consecutive quarter of expansion after a prolonged decline.

The report reveals that worldwide PC shipments reached 64.9 million units in Q2 2024, with Apple as the top...

Google’s dilemma: AI expansion vs achieving climate goals

Google is currently grappling with a major dilemma: finding a way to maintain its impressive progress in AI technology while also staying true to its goal of minimising carbon emissions.

In its 2024 Environmental Report, Google discloses a concerning trend: a staggering 50% surge in emissions over the past five years. This surge can be attributed mainly to the heightened energy requirements of its AI-powered data centres. This alarming surge threatens to derail Google's ambitious...

Zoom now wants to be known ‘as an AI-first collaboration platform’

Zoom doesn't want to be 'that video call company' anymore—here's its surprising new direction

COVID-19 has, in a sense, transformed Zoom from a business-only tool into a household name. Now, the $19 billion video-calling giant is looking to redefine itself, which means leaving behind much of what has made it a mainstay throughout its decade-plus history.

Graeme Geddes, Zoom's chief growth officer, recently told Fortune, "Zoom is so much more than just video meetings. Video is our heritage—so we're going to continue to lean in there, push the market, there's a lot of...

Global semiconductor shortage: How the US plans to close the talent gap

The semiconductor industry, which is a cornerstone of modern technology and economic prosperity, has been dealing with a serious labour shortage for some time. The skills shortage appears to be worsening, with more than one million additional skilled workers required by 2030 to meet demand in the semiconductor industry, according to Deloitte. This pervasive issue extends beyond the US, affecting key players worldwide and threatening to impede the sector's growth and...

EU probes Microsoft-OpenAI and Google-Samsung AI deals

The European Union has intensified its antitrust scrutiny on AI deals, starting with high-profile collaborations between Microsoft-OpenAI and Google-Samsung.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission's executive vice president for competition policy, warned that AI is "developing at breakneck speed" and revealed that multiple preliminary investigations are underway into various AI-related market practices. Her concerns about potential anti-competitive practices stem from major...

US clamps down on China-bound investments

In a move that has further strained the already tense US-China relations, the Biden administration has advanced plans to restrict American investments in key Chinese technology sectors. This decision, announced by the US Treasury Department, has sparked a swift and sharp rebuke from Beijing, highlighting the deepening rift between the world's two largest economies.

The proposed rules, focusing on curbing investments in AI, quantum computing, and semiconductors, represent the...

Nicholas Brackney, Dell: How we leverage a four-pillar AI strategy

Dell is deeply embedded in the AI landscape, leveraging a comprehensive four-pillar strategy to integrate the technology across its products and services.

Nicholas Brackney, Senior Consultant in Product Marketing at Dell, discussed the company's AI initiatives ahead of AI & Big Data Expo North America.

Dell’s AI strategy is structured around four core principles: AI-In, AI-On, AI-For, and AI-With:

"Embedding AI capabilities in our offerings and services...

Ben Ball, IBM: Revolutionising technology operations with IBM Concert

In an interview ahead of the Intelligent Automation Conference, Ben Ball, Senior Director of Product Marketing at IBM, shed light on the tech giant's latest AI endeavours and its groundbreaking new Concert product.

IBM's current focal point in AI research and development lies in applying it to technology operations. As Ball explained, "As people try to build applications out in the world, it's an increasingly complex situation. There are so many tools, there are so many...

Gil Pekelman, Atera: How businesses can harness the power of AI

TechForge recently caught up with Gil Pekelman, CEO of all-in-one IT management platform, Atera, to discuss how AI is becoming the IT professionals’ number one companion.

Can you tell us a little bit about Atera and what it does?

We launched the Atera all-in-one platform for IT management in 2016, so quite a few years ago. And it's very broad. It's everything from technical things like patching and security to ongoing support, alerts, automations, ticket management,...