SoftBank chief: Forget AGI, ASI will be here within 10 years

SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son has claimed that artificial super intelligence (ASI) could be a reality within the next decade.

Speaking at SoftBank's annual meeting in Tokyo on June 21, Son painted a picture of a future where AI far surpasses human intelligence, potentially revolutionising life as we know it. Son asserted that by 2030, AI could be "one to 10 times smarter than humans," and by 2035, it might reach a staggering "10,000 times smarter" than human...

xAI secures Dell Technologies and Super Micro support for supercomputer project

xAI secures Dell Technologies and Super Micro support for supercomputer project

Elon Musk's startup, xAI, has just announced that it will rely on Dell and Super Micro for server racks to support its gigantic supercomputer project.

Musk announced this collaboration on his social media platform, X, marking a key development in xAI's goal to assemble what he has repeatedly called "the world's biggest supercomputer."

Server racks are an integral part of high-performance computing infrastructure, providing the skeleton needed to store and organise the...

The rise and fall of AI at the McDonald’s drive-thru

McDonald's declared that it will no longer use IBM for the partnership after July 31, 2024. Source: Unsplash

The fast-food industry has been turning to AI for years in the hopes that it might improve efficiency, cut down on labour costs, and, ideally, make customers' lives easier. One of the pioneers was McDonald's, which in 2021 teamed up with IBM to test an AI system for voice ordering at around 100 drive-thru locations throughout the US.

Customers were supposed to be able to drive up, loudly state their orders into the drive-thru microphone, and then have an AI record all of that,...

The impact of AI on online slot gaming in the UK

Artificial intelligence is transforming numerous industries, and the online slot gaming sector in the UK is no exception. The integration of AI in online slots is not just a trend but a revolution that is reshaping the gaming landscape. This advancement offers players a more personalised, secure, and engaging gaming experience. As technology evolves, the allure of no minimum deposit slots in the UK becomes increasingly appealing, providing accessibility to a broader...

Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

While some may think Snapchat is fading, the app continues to attract a considerable number of active users.

Acknowledging past shortcomings in machine learning utilisation, Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel announced a new, assertive strategy to integrate AI and machine learning technologies into its services, marking a substantial departure from its long-term focus on revising its advertising approach.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Spiegel emphasised the need to improve their...

AI comes to Ireland’s remote Islands through Microsoft’s ‘Skill Up’ program

On Inishbofin, a small island off the western coast of Ireland where the population hovers around 170 and the main industries are farming, fishing and tourism, a quiet technology revolution has been taking place.

Artificial intelligence (AI), once thought to be the exclusive domain of big cities and tech hubs, is making its way to the furthest corners of rural Ireland, empowering locals with cutting-edge tools to boost their businesses and preserve their traditional...

NVIDIA presents latest advancements in visual AI

NVIDIA researchers are presenting new visual generative AI models and techniques at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference this week in Seattle. The advancements span areas like custom image generation, 3D scene editing, visual language understanding, and autonomous vehicle perception.

“Artificial intelligence, and generative AI in particular, represents a pivotal technological advancement,” said Jan Kautz, VP of learning and perception research at...

AI in casino games: A whole new world waiting to be dealt

AI is in pretty much everyone’s conversations right now, with people using it (successfully and unsuccessfully) for a vast range of different things. Let’s face it: we’ve got stars in our eyes when it comes to AI right now - but what’s it doing to one of the vast industries on our planet, the casino industry? How is it shaking up games from the core? Let’s find out!

Many games are being totally revolutionised by AI stepping onto the scene, so let’s get into the...

Apple is reportedly getting free ChatGPT access

Apple's newly-announced partnership with OpenAI – which brings ChatGPT capabilities to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia – comes without any direct money exchange.

According to a Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman, "Apple isn't paying OpenAI as part of the partnership."

Instead, the Cupertino-based company is leveraging its massive user base and device ecosystem as currency.

"Apple believes pushing OpenAI's brand and technology to hundreds of millions of...

Musk ends OpenAI lawsuit while slamming Apple’s ChatGPT plans

Elon Musk has dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI, the company he co-founded in 2015. Court filings from the Superior Court of California reveal that Musk called off the legal action on June 11th, just a day before an informal conference was scheduled to discuss the discovery process.

Musk had initially sued OpenAI in March 2024, alleging breach of contracts, unfair business practices, and failure in fiduciary duty. He claimed that his contributions to the company were made "in...