Experts from 30 nations will contribute to global AI safety report

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Leading experts from 30 nations across the globe will advise on a landmark report assessing the capabilities and risks of AI systems. 

The International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety aims to bring together the best scientific research on AI safety to inform policymakers and future discussions on the safe development of AI technology. The report builds on the legacy of last November’s UK AI Safety Summit, where countries signed the Bletchley Declaration agreeing to collaborate on AI safety issues.

An impressive Expert Advisory Panel featuring 32 prominent international figures – including chief technology officers, UN envoys, and national chief scientific advisers – has been unveiled. The panel includes experts like Dr Hiroaki Kitano, CTO of Sony in Japan, Amandeep Gill, UN Envoy on Technology, and the UK’s Dame Angela McLean, Chief Scientific Adviser.

This crack team of global talent will play a crucial role advising on the report’s development and content to ensure it comprehensively and objectively assesses the capabilities and risks of advanced AI. Their regular input throughout the drafting process will help build broad consensus on vital global AI safety research.

Initial findings from the report are due to be published ahead of South Korea’s AI Safety Summit this spring. A second more complete publication will then coincide with France’s summit later this year, helping inform discussions at both events.

The international report will follow a paper published by the UK last year which included declassified information from intelligence services and highlighted the risks associated with frontier AI.

Michelle Donelan, UK Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, said: “The International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety will be a landmark publication, bringing the best scientific research on the risks and capabilities of frontier AI development under one roof.

“The report is one part of the enduring legacy of November’s AI Safety Summit, and I am delighted that countries who agreed the Bletchley Declaration will join us in its development.”

Professor Yoshua Bengio, pioneer AI researcher from Quebec’s Mila Institute, said the publication “will be an important tool in helping to inform the discussions at AI Safety Summits being held by the Republic of Korea and France later this year.”

The principles guiding the report’s development – inspired by the IPCC climate change assessments – are comprehensiveness, objectivity, transparency, and scientific assessment. This framework aims to ensure a thorough and balanced evaluation of AI’s risks.

A list of all participating countries and their nominated representatives can be found here.

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