OpenAI and Common Sense Media will promote safe AI use by families

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OpenAI has announced a partnership with nonprofit Common Sense Media to educate families on responsible AI use. Leaders from both organisations shared the news onstage at the Common Sense Summit for America’s Kids and Families.

Through the collaboration, OpenAI and Common Sense aim to empower parents, educators, and teens to use AI tools safely and effectively.

Initial projects will include developing AI guidelines and educational materials tailored for different age groups. Additionally, Common Sense will curate a list of family-friendly AI applications on OpenAI’s new GPT Store, lending its expertise in rating content and tech for kids.

“AI offers incredible benefits for families and teens, and our partnership with Common Sense will further strengthen our safety work, ensuring that families and teens can use our tools with confidence,” said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

Common Sense founder James P. Steyer echoed a commitment to making AI a force for good, saying: “Together, Common Sense and OpenAI will work to make sure that AI has a positive impact on all teens and families.”

Steyer went on to highlight the potential for their guides and recommendations to lead to responsible adoption of chatbot tools like ChatGPT, avoiding any unforeseen issues resulting from the rapid advancement of AI.

The partnership comes on the heels of ChatGPT’s meteoric rise since its November 2022 launch. With Common Sense bringing child development expertise to the table, the groups aim to preemptively shape an AI future that protects and empowers kids.

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