GitLab’s new AI capabilities empower DevSecOps

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GitLab is empowering DevSecOps with new AI-powered capabilities as part of its latest releases.

The recent GitLab 16.6 November release includes the beta launch of GitLab Duo Chat, a natural-language AI assistant. Additionally, the GitLab 16.7 December release sees the general availability of GitLab Duo Code Suggestions.

David DeSanto, Chief Product Officer at GitLab, said: “To realise AI’s full potential, it needs to be embedded across the software development lifecycle, allowing DevSecOps teams to benefit from boosts to security, efficiency, and collaboration.”

GitLab Duo Chat – arguably the star of the show – provides users with invaluable insights, guidance, and suggestions. Beyond code analysis, it supports planning, security issue comprehension and resolution, troubleshooting CI/CD pipeline failures, aiding in merge requests, and more.

As part of GitLab’s commitment to providing a comprehensive AI-powered experience, Duo Chat joins Code Suggestions as the primary interface into GitLab’s AI suite within its DevSecOps platform.

GitLab Duo comprises a suite of 14 AI capabilities:

  • Suggested Reviewers
  • Code Suggestions
  • Chat
  • Vulnerability Summary
  • Code Explanation
  • Planning Discussions Summary
  • Merge Request Summary
  • Merge Request Template Population
  • Code Review Summary
  • Test Generation
  • Git Suggestions
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Planning Description Generation
  • Value Stream Forecasting

In response to the evolving needs of development, security, and operations teams, Code Suggestions is now generally available. This feature assists in creating and updating code, reducing cognitive load, enhancing efficiency, and accelerating secure software development.

GitLab’s commitment to privacy and transparency stands out in the AI space. According to the GitLab report, 83 percent of DevSecOps professionals consider implementing AI in their processes essential, with 95 percent prioritising privacy and intellectual property protection in AI tool selection.

The State of AI in Software Development report by GitLab reveals that developers spend just 25 percent of their time writing code. The Duo suite aims to address this by reducing toolchain sprawl—enabling 7x faster cycle times, heightened developer productivity, and reduced software spend.

Kate Holterhoff, Industry Analyst at Redmonk, commented: “The developers we speak with at RedMonk are keenly interested in the productivity and efficiency gains that code assistants promise.

“GitLab’s Duo Code Suggestions is a welcome player in this space, expanding the available options for enabling an AI-enhanced software development lifecycle.”

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