AMD: Almost half of enterprises risk ‘falling behind’ on AI

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AMD has unveiled insights from a comprehensive survey of IT leaders, indicating that nearly 50 percent of enterprises are facing the risk of lagging behind in the adoption of AI.

The survey focused on 2,500 IT leaders from the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan. The findings spotlight both the enthusiasm surrounding AI’s potential benefits and the significant challenges that organisations encounter in implementing AI technologies.

The survey revealed a compelling enthusiasm for AI’s potential advantages, with three out of four IT leaders expressing optimism about its capabilities. These benefits spanned from amplified employee efficiency to automated cybersecurity solutions.

A striking 67 percent of the respondents revealed that they are intensifying investments in AI technologies to harness these advantages. Nonetheless, the survey’s results also exposed a sense of hesitancy arising from implementation uncertainties, the readiness of existing hardware, and technology stacks.

Matthew Unangst, Senior Director of Commercial Client and Workstation at AMD, said: 

“There is a benefit to being an early AI adopter. IT leaders are seeing the benefits of AI-enabled solutions, but their enterprises need to outline a more focused plan for implementation or risk falling behind.

Open software ecosystems, with high-performance hardware, are essential, and AMD believes in a multi-faceted approach of leveraging AI IP across our full portfolio of products to the benefit of our partners and customers.”

Of the organisations prioritising AI deployment, 90 percent reported experiencing heightened workplace efficiency. This underscores the idea that early AI adoption could yield a competitive edge in productivity and performance.

AMD’s survey outcomes indicated that establishments which defer AI adoption could potentially jeopardise their market standing.

To address these challenges and offer solutions, AMD is concentrating on the development of AI-capable solutions across its product portfolio. This includes the cloud, edge computing, and endpoints.

While IT leaders harbour optimism about the possibilities that AI presents, there exists a critical need for well-defined implementation strategies.

AMD’s survey indicates that those enterprises that act swiftly and purposefully on AI adoption could potentially reap substantial benefits, while those that lag behind may encounter challenges.

Find a full copy of the report here (PDF)

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