Demand for AI expertise surges by 1,000%

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Fiverr has released its seventh Business Trends Index, revealing a surge in demand for AI expertise.

The ongoing skills shortage is making it difficult for businesses to attract, and retain, tech industry talent. AI expertise is particularly in-demand.

Among the sectors that have seen the biggest increase on Fiverr’s platform include ‘Accounting and Finance’ services, which has seen an 835 percent increase over the past six months—showing a clear demand for AI and machine learning technologies that can help businesses streamline their financial processes and optimise operations.

The report also highlighted the growing trend for AI in creative industries, with AI art seeing a 6,223 percent increase in searches in the UK over the past six months. This suggests that businesses are increasingly exploring the use of AI technologies to create new and innovative products in the creative sector.

Bukki Adedapo, UK Country Manager at Fiverr, said:

“The services that are trending on the Fiverr platform are indicative of society’s rapidly increasing awareness and adoption of AI on a wider scale, following the launch of a number of generative AI tools to varied success.

What may be a little more surprising is the suggestion that UK businesses are actually being founded more now during a time of global economic turbulence than before. Having said this, often recessions and times of dramatic global shifts present new opportunities for businesses to prosper.

In the last 6 months, businesses and freelancers have certainly been tested, but we’re delighted that Fiverr is helping them to overcome the odds.”

Despite the economic challenges caused by the pandemic, a large number of businesses are still being founded in the UK.

Fiverr’s data suggests that there has been a significant uptick in Business Naming services (+51%) and Website Development (+92%) over the past six months, indicating that UK businesses are continuing to back themselves to thrive during the economic downturn.

Overall, the latest Business Trends Index shows that businesses and freelancers are adapting to the challenges of the pandemic, with many looking to technology to help them navigate the changing landscape.

The rise in demand for AI services highlights the growing recognition of the benefits that these technologies can offer, from automating mundane tasks to improving decision-making processes.

Alexia Pedersen, VP of EMEA at O’Reilly, commented:

“As the demand for jobs increases, so will the need for digital skills in order to meet the growing demand. However, our research shows that demand for digitally skilled workers in the UK is outgrowing the level of digital skills available. 

To minimise the growing skills gap, organisations must invest in creating a highly skilled workforce to meet the growing availability of staff. At the same time, employees should prioritise L&D to make themselves an invaluable asset to their company – proactively identifying training opportunities with a quality L&D partner, particularly one that aligns with their unique learning style and objectives.

While there is no cookie-cutter approach to upskilling, individuals should be granted access to a range of learning opportunities as part of a defined path of individual development and wider organisational culture of personal development.”  

As the world continues to evolve, businesses that are quick to embrace AI and other emerging technologies are likely to be best positioned for success in the years ahead.

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