AI professionals seek job flexibility and stability over exciting perks

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Research suggests that AI professionals looking for a new job prioritise flexibility and stability over exciting perks.

Despite recent high-profile layoffs, the wider talent shortage is ongoing. Organisations looking to attract, or retain, the best candidates are offering numerous unique benefits.

However, research from BenchSci finds that AI, machine learning, and data professionals are mostly looking for flexibility and stability in their future career.

Vanessa Ribreau, Chief People Officer at BenchSci, said:

“While the global economy continues to face challenges and instability, competition for tech talent is not slowing down.

This research, conducted with one of the most sought-after groups in terms of tech talent, clearly shows that well-recognised names and generous salaries are no longer enough to entice the brightest talent.”

Here are the top five priorities of talent when choosing an employer: 

  • Flexibility (e.g. Flexible hours, unlimited vacation days)
  • Chance for progression
  • Remuneration
  • Stability
  • Challenge

Among the areas that professionals value less – but are often focused on by employers – include whether the organisation is doing good in the world and has environmentally-sustainable practices, and benefits such as healthcare plans.

“Talent are willing to invest their personal capital in the form of time, energy, and labour for the right company, but only for a healthy return on their investment. Career progression and personal development are a must,” adds Ribreau.

“The companies that will stay ahead are the ones who think of their employees as key stakeholders, not a means to an end.”

When assessing stability, the top aspects that respondents look for in an employer are their plans for long-term growth (46%) and strong profit margins (43%).

Elizabeth Hanson, Director of Engineering, Data Delivery at BenchSci, commented:

“Despite widespread murmurings of employees being flighty, perhaps as a result of the pandemic and the current recessionary environment, the data firmly shows that the AI workforce is still thinking long-term.

Engineers specifically are looking for companies where they can invest their time, energy, and expertise in return for growth opportunities – both financial and developmental. This is the trend I’ve seen while hiring and searching for roles myself. 

Workplaces that meet these needs will not only attract the best talent, but retain them too.”

You can find a full copy of BenchSci’s whitepaper here.

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