Leslie Chau, IBM: AI & Automation – Creating the Workforce of the Future

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As issues like skills shortages and business disruptions continue to challenge the world, the ability to automate work more broadly becomes even more critical. Business and IT leaders are looking to intelligent automation to continue to drive operational efficiencies while growing their business and delivering excellent customer and employee experiences. 

Think intelligent automation is for you? In this session you will hear IBM Director of Product Management, Leslie Chau, discuss the following:

  • Key use cases for AI and automation and why now is the right time to adopt the technology.
  • New innovations in automation and how the market has evolved over the last couple of years.
  • Challenges that organizations need to overcome in order to adopt intelligent automation.

Leslie Chau is speaking at the next edition of Digital Transformation Week at the Santa Clara Convention Center 5-6 October, exploring digital labor’s transformative effect on employee productivity. Book tickets here.

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