Nuance partners with The Academy to launch The AI Collaborative

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Nuance has partnered with The Health Management Academy (The Academy) to launch The AI Collaborative, an industry group focused on advancing healthcare using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nuance became a household name for creating the speech engine recognition engine behind Siri. In recent years, the company has put a strong focus on AI solutions for healthcare and is now a full-service partner of 77 percent of US hospitals and is trusted by over 500,000 physicians daily.

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Nuance with the promise of ushering in a “new era of outcomes-based AI”. Microsoft is also active in the healthcare space and its acquisition of Nuance was investigated by regulators over concerns it may reduce competition.

Regulators ultimately ended up giving the deal the thumbs up.

The EU’s regulator, for example, concluded that Nuance would continue to face stiff competition in the future, the data Microsoft gains would not provide it with an advantage to shut out competitors, and there’d be no ability/incentive to foreclose existing solutions.

“Combining the power of Nuance’s deep vertical expertise and proven business outcomes across healthcare, financial services, retail, telecommunications, and other industries with Microsoft’s global cloud ecosystems will enable us to accelerate our innovation and deploy our solutions more quickly, more seamlessly, and at greater scale to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges,” said Mark Benjamin, CEO of Nuance, at the time of Microsoft’s acquisition.

Nuance says both companies represent two of the most trusted and innovative technology organisations in the world. As such, it believes Nuance and Microsoft are in a position to foster a community anchored in collaboration with key leading health systems (LHS) executives and experts across the healthcare ecosystem. That community will be The AI Collaborative.

“Our members have expressed their desire for a dedicated space to explore AI in healthcare and its enormous potential to improve outcomes and clinical workflow,” said Renee DeSilva, CEO of The Academy.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Microsoft and Nuance to introduce The AI Collaborative, a new program at The Academy designed exclusively for clinical and operational executives who lead their organization’s approach to investing in AI as a strategic initiative.”

The AI Collaborative will bring together senior leaders from LHS to understand their current and future needs and create the AI and ML innovations required to fulfil them.

“The key to successful healthcare innovation using AI is understanding at a deep level the problems that you’re trying to solve and focusing on the outcomes you want to achieve,” explained Peter Durlach, Chief Strategy Officer of Nuance.

“With the combined engineering, market and domain expertise of Nuance and Microsoft, The AI Collaborative can bring together multiple technical, business and clinical stakeholders to prioritize deployment of solutions for clinician burnout, patient engagement and health system financial stability, while accelerating innovation in precision medicine, drug discovery, clinical decision support and other promising use cases across the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

The AI Collaborative will commence in September 2022 and kick off with a visit to Microsoft’s corporate HQ. Annual summits will be held going forward where stakeholders will learn how to best utilise patient-specific data and insights to augment care delivery, reduce care variation, and support operational improvements.

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