SenseTime delivers ‘AI for a better tomorrow’ keynote at WAICF

SenseTime delivers ‘AI for a better tomorrow’ keynote at WAICF
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Hong Kong-based AI giant SenseTime delivered a keynote titled “AI for a better tomorrow” at this year’s World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF).

George Huang, President of the International Business Group at SenseTime, led the keynote and showcased how the company is applying its AI technology in the areas of mixed reality, mobility, city management, and healthcare.

“There has been massive market demand for AI computing services, as the digitalisation of cities and enterprises expand, along with the accelerated development of the metaverse and autonomous driving,” said Huang.

“We are committed to developing AI technology that advances economies, society, and humanity to address global challenges.”

SenseTime is the world’s most-funded AI company and its facial recognition system is used for China’s mass surveillance network.

The company’s Viper system aims to process and analyse over 100,000 simultaneous real-time streams from traffic cameras, ATMs, and more to automatically tag and keep track of individuals. Naturally, ethical concerns have been raised about such technology and SenseTime continues to do its best to reduce fears.

In 2018, SenseTime called for the introduction of facial recognition standards for a “healthier” industry. The company said it wants to see “trust levels” established so only highly-accurate solutions are used for important applications like finance and policing while lower trust alternatives can be used for things like entertainment.

During his keynote speech, Huang stressed SenseTime’s three core ethical principles of “sustainability, human-centric, and controllable technology”. The firm calls on institutions, enterprises and individuals to respect and recognise the balance between innovation and ethics.

“Empowered by our universal AI infrastructure SenseCore, SenseTime has cemented a leading position in four major segments, namely Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life and Smart Auto, integrating strong computing power and leading algorithm capabilities in a sustainable and responsible way,” said Huang.

SenseTime demonstrated various solutions at the event including:

  • SeaWorld experience – Visitors could enjoy an immersive and interactive experience that showcases the power of combining AI and mixed reality. The experience was powered by SenseMARS, a metaverse platform.
  • SenseAuto – An intelligent automotive platform that introduces full-suite applications in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), smart cabin, vehicle-to-road connect, L4-level autonomous driving, and Robobus, with the intention of minimising driver errors and reducing road hazards.
(Image: SeaWorld Experience)

Further demonstrations were showcased at SenseTime’s booth including how AI can be used to improve cities, healthcare, and education.

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