AI legend Andrew Ng wants to revolutionise manufacturing with


Andrew Ng co-founded Google Brain and led Baidu’s AI group, and now he’s launching a startup initially focused on using AI to revolutionise manufacturing.

The new startup,, chose this industry to begin with as “it is through manufacturing that human creativity goes beyond pixels on a display to become physical objects. By bringing AI to manufacturing, we will deliver a digital transformation to the physical world.”

Ng believes AI technology is well suited to addressing the challenges facing manufacturing — such as variable quality and yield, inflexible production line design, inability to manage capacity, and rising production costs. is partnering with one of the world’s most well known manufacturers, Foxconn, on the project. Many in the tech sphere will know Foxconn as the chosen manufacturer of Apple for many of their products.

Together, the companies say they are developing AI technologies, talent, and systems that build on the core competencies of both companies.

Ng believes AI will “revitalise” manufacturing jobs in the US and globally. Rather than replace jobs, he believes the next wave of manufacturing jobs will pay higher but also require new skills — therefore large-scale training or retraining will be required.

Back in September, we reported on research from Capgemini showing that — despite popular opinion — AI is creating new jobs.

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